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Crit Racing Tips 102 (Beyond The Basics)

I wanted to write an article about Criterium racing, and give some tips, but looking around, most of the tips like “get in a good warmup,” “line up early,” “stay up front,” etc. have pretty much been covered. So I thought about the advice I give my riders beyond the basics.

BikeJam / Kelly Cup

Big race for the DC Baltimore area. Pro teams are here for the NRC points and everyone else is there for the festival and fast fast racing. The course:The course for Bike Jam is a big circle with only 2 real turns. The first is just after the start finish after you go around aContinue reading “BikeJam / Kelly Cup”

Giro Di Coppi Road Race

Delayed but not forgotten. The Giro road race is a great and selective course. There are enough tough rollers and hard little pitches to ensure a deserving winner. The thing about bike racing is that the strongest and fastest riders are not always the ones that win the races and on this course, the deservingContinue reading “Giro Di Coppi Road Race”

Shopping For A Coach

It may seem a bit early to start thinking about next season already, but now is a great time to start looking into working with a personal cycling coach. So why look for a coach now, in the middle of the season? Though getting some help from a coach now may help you finish offContinue reading “Shopping For A Coach”

The Hunny Bop

This is a super easy course. That is good and bad. Good if you are not technically skilled and want to finish. Bad if you hope to reduce the size of the field with some hard riding. There is no hill and the corners are wide open and you can usually pedal through all ofContinue reading “The Hunny Bop”

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