BJ Basham

BJ racing around a corner on his bike.

Power Coaching

“I am here to help you develop as a complete cyclist, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and guiding you to build a power profile that suits your targeted event.” Read more about coaching

Bike Fits

“The more precision there is, and the more factors that are included in determining your position, the better the fit. With an experienced eye and the tools offered by Wobble-Naught, I offer varying degrees of fits based on your needs.” Read more about bike fits


“Just need to talk? Have a question about training, racing, bike fits? Or, do you just need a jump start into your own cycling challenges? I am here to help.” Read more about consultations

BJ, a coach with Velocious Cycling Adventures, on the beach of Majorca Spain, ready to work a two week cycling adventure.

About Me

In the past … After 18 years in the IT department of a major government contractor I took advantage of the opportunity to change careers and decided to become a coach and try to make use of the experience I had gained in the sport that I have loved for over 25 year. In 2004 I joined the Peaks Coaching Group as an associate coach as well as working as the in-house mechanic and bike fitter at Peaks Power Training Camps.

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