The Hunny Bop

This is a super easy course. That is good and bad. Good if you are not technically skilled and want to finish. Bad if you hope to reduce the size of the field with some hard riding.

There is no hill and the corners are wide open and you can usually pedal through all of them.  The surface can be rough, so keep your head up.

Each race is likely to end in a field sprint. To get away on this course will take a well-timed and fairly big effort to break the elastic with the field. In the sprint, the distance from the last corner to the line is not huge, but it may be possible to come by a couple of people. So the race on this course is really to the last corner, which brings us back to the good and bad stuff. Chances are that there will be a load of riders (in the bigger fields) trying to be in the front in the last corner. Keep in mind that there are no TV cameras or Pro contracts or huge prize lists waiting for you on the other side when you decide how big of a risk to take to try and lead through that last corner.

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