Client Testimonial: Michael Ahlers

I would not be riding today if not for fitting services by BJ Basham.

Road cycling hooked me in 2004, but I quickly developed knee problems. Joint pain prevented me from working hard enough to make significant progress. In early 2007, walking became misery and I was nearly ready to quit. I tried many remedies and had been “fitted” several times, but they did nothing. Finally, I was advised to try Wobble Naught.

After measurements and having nearly every setting adjusted, I left the session with hope. Getting back on the bike was starting from scratch; all the right muscles were neglected in my prior position. Another two months and I could finally ride without knee pain! I took a long off season and hit 2008 with renewed determination.

Prior races had always ended with drops or field finishes, but I pulled fifth place at my first event in March 2008. Nearly every competition since has put me within the top ten. Late summer, I joined the category four ranks. In the fall, my team recognized me as the most improved rider. Today, I am deep into winter training and looking forward to an incredible 2009, unfazed by long hours on the saddle.

Thank you, BJ, for helping to keep me on the bike and making all this possible!

-Mike Ahlers

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