Client Testimonial: Matt Cooke

Here is my story and I think it may help you in the end. I was a full time pro triathlete flying all over the world and racing the worlds best. After a 4 month training block in Australia I came back to the US with high hopes and all kinds of confidence that I would hit the big time. I had those dreams dashed when I injured my knee for what would be the last time. This had been the upteenth time my legs had been injured from running and I had had enough. I rehabed for one month and switched to cycling.

I found my way on to the LSV/Kelly Benefits Strategies Elite Team and was introduced to BJ Basham who I was told was my new coach. If he was supposedly the expert I would do what he said to the “T.” And I did. I followed his workouts exactly as they were written and after only one month and half I won two stages and the overall at the Tour of Ohio. I went on to have a great season and even one offer to race as a pro. I declined and stayed with LSV/Kelly and BJ for another season.

To prepare for 2006 I spent the winter months in Tucson, Arizona. This place was great for training and even better when you actually have a plan. BJ gave me awesome workouts that worked perfectly with my sorrounding geography. Again I did his workouts exactly as BJ prescribed and again the results were amazing. On a whim I did a road race in Phoenix. I won and I beat a many pros whose names would shock you. I next went down to a UCI stage race in Mexico. Again I was the highest placed amature and got 5th on the longest and hardest stage.

Once back in DC, BJ worked on a plan that would get me in peak for our main goal, Elite National Championships. Guess what happened, I won. I won the one race that we had been planning on since the previous November. Getting your peak just right is probably the single hardest thing to do in the sport and BJ did it for me.

I went on to have more success this season. Winning a stage and the overall at the Green Mtn. Stage Race and then having an incredible ride at the Univest GP. To top off it all off I have signed with the Navigators Insurance Professional Cycling Team for next year.

I have been doing this sport for less than two years and next season I will be on a UCI Division 2 pro team. I have had one coach since I became a cyclist and that coach is BJ Basham.

-Matt Cooke
2006 USA Cycling Elite Road Race Champion
Washington DC

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