Client Testimonial: Ralph P.

In working with BJ, I have become both a faster rider and a smarter rider. He’s looked at my abilities, my objectives and developed training plans that have really improved my power output. He’s made sure I understand the training process, the objectives of the various workouts and how to ride them, and, very importantly, when to bail because I can’t hit target wattages and continued effort is no longer productive. He’s always accessible to go over specific questions, dig into those general ‘something doesn’t feel right’ concerns, and adjust workouts as needed. He’s flexible, understands that ‘life happens’ and works around personal schedules, the unexpected illnesses and other happenings in life.

As important as the training itself, BJ has helped me begin to understand how to use power and heart rate data to analyze a race effort. I’ve focused on TTs lately, so we’ve looked at a variety of areas, such as the start, what did the first half power look like, second half power, the last 10 minutes, how’d I adjust to hills and wind, how’d the heart rate track over the whole ride, what was right, what can I improve, and so on. Put the training and the analysis together, I am a much faster TT’r now than when I started with BJ, and that’s been great!

-Ralph P.
Afton, MN 

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