Client Testimonial: Jeffery Schnur

A good coach is constantly riding the dividing line between being too hard or too easy, between being a controlling force or a guiding influence, between being a dictator or your best friend. Every trainee a coach has in their stable of talent, reacts to inputs differently. Some need gentle reminders, some need major league motivation, and still others a firm push. Some need all of the above from time to time.

So it is with BJ Basham and I. He realizes that training, while important to me, is not the most important thing in my life. He understands when higher priority demands on my time are exercised. We simply look at our schedule and dynamically figure out the options available to still meet our goals. I have confidence in his coaching ability to complete any given workout without the fear that I’m not going to ever recover. He has pushed me farther than I ever would have advanced on my own. He has convinced me that I have untapped potential, and he backs this realization with data and trend analysis.

-Jeffery Schnur
Alexandria VA 
2007 FTP = 283 watts
2008 FTP = 294 watts
2009 FTP = 306 watts (so far)

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