Client Testimonial: Chris Hardee

BJ and Peaks Coaching Group took me, in a few months, from being a perennial top-10 finisher to a race winner. Before working with BJ, I thought I knew how to train. I had been racing successfully for years, but just below the level I thought I was up to given the limited time I have available, and I had no reason to question my training. I just thought it was a question of time on the bike. But BJ proved me wrong. In the somewhat limited time I have to train, BJ’s training regimen produced major peformance gains by focusing on the essentials necessary to race at a high level. BJ and Peaks do a good job at making you train harder than you ever have or thought you could. I also managed to eke out more hours on the bike, because I believed in their plan. Hard work is what it takes to excel in this sport. I used to train hard, but BJ will make you train harder and smarter. He will make you fast

-Chris Hardee 
Washington DC 
2005 1st Walkersville Road Race Pro1-3 
2005 1st Carl Dolan Circuit Race Pro1-3 
2005 MABRA Senior Time Trial Champion (Pro1-2)

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