Client Testimonial: Brian Sacawa

I’ve only had one cycling coach, but I can’t imagine having a better one than BJ. With BJ’s guidance I’ve gotten results, continued to improve and get stronger, and pushed myself beyond where I thought I could go. Also, I’m in the best total shape of my life, not just on the bike.

But what really sets BJ apart is the personal attention I receive from him. Often, as soon as I’ve finished a workout and uploaded my data, I get an email back from him in minutes in which he addresses any concerns I may have raised in my comments and simply lets me know if I’ve done a killer job. And on really hard days, even if you know you’ve nailed it, nothing feels better than that simple “attaboy”. In addition, BJ is flexible and works with my schedule and has no trouble adapting workouts or portions of my program on the fly due to weather or other conflicts. And there’s no agenda with BJ. He listens to my ambitions and embraces them, writing a program to help me achieve what I want to achieve. Finally, although I know BJ has 20 athletes, I always feel like I’m the only guy he coaches.

If you want a coach who will challenge you, embrace your goals, work with your schedule, and fill you with positive energy you need to train with BJ.

-Brian Sacawa
Baltimore MD 

Brian Sacawa Power File
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