Client Testimonials: Stephano Barberi

I have been a long time PRO and was looking for a new coach after getting a bit too comfortable doing the same thing for a year or two too long. Once I got in touch with BJ he spent a considerable amount of time going over what got me to my current level, what he felt needed improvements–and how to fill those holes, as well as coming up with a strategy to incorporate those things into my training without making extreme changes as we were mid- season already. His biggest strength as a coach is his willingness to learn along the way and his ability to incorporate this new knowledge into his coaching to help you meet your own individualized goals. BJ is extremely thorough. You can be sure you are getting the most out of your investment, time, and effort–so you can go into your event comfortable without any ‘what if’s’ in the back of your mind.

– Stephano Barberi
Professional MTB

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