Client Testimonial: Nelson Rosa

It’s only been 4 weeks working with BJ but this guy is AWESOME. I think he’s from another planet or something. The structure that BJ has on his training workouts is unbelievable. Communication is so easy. My biggest concern when we first started this journey was communication, me being from PR, and how I will communicate with my coach. I wanted to be sure that if I had any questions regarding a specific work out I was going to be able to reach my coach and receive and answer in a fast/easy manner. I can tell you today that BJ has exceed this and more. Not only he answers my emails fast, the detailed info that’s on his answers is absurd. Many times I just shoot him a yes or no question and I receive an email with 4-5 paragraphs, graphics and more explaining why we’re doing what we’re doing, the benefits of what we’re doing, how to do the work out correctly, etc. RIDICULOUS!! The experience that this guys has on training methods, power, and race situations are off the charts!! On just 4 weeks I already feel the difference in power, not only I feel it, It shows on the different graphics and analysis that BJ shares with me. Another thing is how BJ adjusts to my schedule. Between work, a newborn baby girl and other things sometimes I have to change or skip a work out with no advanced notice and BJ reacts accordingly and readjust everything so we stay on track as to what we want to accomplish. I wanted to have a coach for the long term, I have no doubt I’ve found it!!

-Nelson Rosa

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