Power Coaching

In the time that I have been a cycling coach I have worked with riders from every level of experience and ability. From first year beginners learning to ride to seasoned elite and professional riders looking for that legal edge on their competition.

My style of coaching is what I call “logical”. I am not a drill sargent who will yell or make a rider feel bad for missing a workout, and I am not a cheerleader screaming “BABY!!!!” in a squeaky voice when they do well. I give the athletes I work with the information they need and the tools to do the job. I find that having a clear idea of the purpose of a workout is the biggest motivator if a rider truely wants to succeed.

To get the best out of a riders natural abilities, I work with every rider individually with workouts and schedules built around their individual power profile and their life in general. For each rider their is a balance between cycling and other factors such as family, friends and work.

A rider may have the natural ability of a potential champion, but they may also have a family and work life that would not accommodate a champions training program. A rider may have tons of time to train, but their natural abilities and physiology may make any gains difficult to find. For every rider, finding that balance between cycling and “real life” of family and work and good health is the key to being a happy and successful athlete.

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